Click For Temporary Payment Instructions


Posted by Jim Jenkins on

Hi All,

To pay for your order using bank transfer please do the following:

1) Choose your e-liquids as normal

2) Once you have made your selection(s) click on "Add to cart"  if you wish to continue shopping, OR, click on "Buy it now" if you are finished shopping.

3) Clicking on "Buy it now" will take you to the "Contact information" page, here you can either log into your Joose Juice account or simply enter your name, address etc in the boxes provided.

4) Once you have entered your details click the "Continue to shipping" button at the bottom right of the page.

5) On the shipping page you will see a review of your order, your contact details and the shipping method selected. If you do not wish to make any changes to the details listed click on the "Continue to payment" button at the bottom right.

6) You will now find yourself in the payment page where you can again review your order details, contact details and shipping method. If happy, click on the "review order" button.

7) You will now find yourself on the "Complete order" page. Again review the details listed and if happy click on the "Complete order" button.

8) THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT. You will now find yourself on the order confirmation page. IT IS  AT THIS POINT YOU PAY FOR YOUR ORDER USING BANK TRANSFER. You will see that your order has been confirmed, but it is still to be paid for.

Below where it says "Your order is confirmed" you will see the bank account details for Joose Juice Ltd. You have to go to your online banking and instruct your bank to pay the money due for your order to Joose Juice's bank account as given.

If you do not complete the above step, again, your order will remain as confirmed but unpaid. 

The bank transfer payment process is a great deal simpler than writing these instructions lol.


Best wishes