by Jim Jenkins

Morning All,

On the morning of Nov 18, without warning, prior consultation or contact of any sort, we received an e-mail from PayPal informing us they had closed our account with immediate effect and that there was no right of appeal against the decision. 

It seems PayPal no longer want any vape related businesses or companies on their platform. It's their business and obviously they can decide which industries they wish to support.

However, it is the manner they conducted themselves in this matter which irritates. It is also obvious that Joose Juice Ltd was not the only vape related company to be treated in such a manner yesterday.

As things currently stand we are only able to offer bank transfer as a means of payment for orders. World Pay have agreed to become our new payment gateway provider but they have informed us it may take up to 15 days before our account with them is up and running.

We apologise to our customers that through no fault of your own you have been caught up in this situation. We thank you for your patience.

We continue to work normally, orders are being shipped as normal, payments are secure and your rights still protected. The closing of our PayPal account has had little to no impact on Joose Juice Ltd. The greatest impact is being borne by our customers and we again apologise for the inconvenience inflicted on you by PayPal's actions.

Best wishes