The "Twist" Range And Steeping

by Jim Jenkins

Hi Folks,

You may be aware that we currently have Strawberry Twist, Raspberry Twist and Pineapple Twist flavours available on the site. We will shortly be introducing another two "Twist" flavours, namely, Coconut Twist and Watermelon Twist.

All of the "Twist" flavours are complex flavours with multiple notes and if you buy any of these flavours we strongly urge you to steep them to get the best from them.

How long should you steep them? At least for a minimum of one week from the day you receive them. Preferably at least two weeks from the date you receive them. Having said that, keep in mind that every vaper's taste preferences are different. Some of you will be happy with a "Twist" flavour after just the week's steeping, others will want to steep it for far longer in order to experience the full range of flavours in the e-liquid.

For example, I'm currently vaping a test bottle of Coconut Twist which has been steeping for a week. At this point it's a pleasant enough vape, I'm getting a nice mix of Coconut followed by the other flavour notes. Vapour production is very good and I'm happy with the throat hit. But, it need's at least another week's steeping for my taste preferences to really appreciate the flavours.

The next thing you'll probably want to know is how to steep the e-liquids. We believe in keeping it simple and we steep our own personal e-liquids by putting them in a drawer and leaving them to get on with it. That's it. Our advice is to steep your e-liquids in whichever fashion you feel works best for you.

In closing I would like to remind you that we are now on Twitter and can be found at We will also be on Facebook shortly but that page is still under construction at present.

Thank you very much for your past custom, we really do appreciate it and we look forward to being of service in the future.

Best wishes