Charlies Chalk Dust (Shortfill)

Joose Juice Ltd

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The finest vapor liquid crafted to perfection. Elegantly smooth blends of savory and sweet flavors, Charlie's personifies the simple things.

Each 60ml sized bottle includes 50ml of e-liquid leaving you 10ml for your 18mg nicotine shot to create a 3mg shortfill e-liquid.

Includes free 10ml 18mg Nicotine Shot.

Wonder Worm: Charlie's Chalk Dust Wonder Worm has the taste of those sugar coated, wiggly candies. A sweet and tangy combo that'll leave you wanting more! (70VG 30PG)

Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream: Charlie's Chalk Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream is a sumptuous dessert treat with a base of creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled with an everlasting sea salt caramel for a super rich flavour profile.  (70VG 30PG)

Dream Cream: Charlie's Chalk Dust Dream Cream is a smooth vanilla cream with a spicy hint of cinnamon and swirls of fudge. Dream Cream is more than dreamy, it's 'McCreamy Dreamy'! (60VG 40PG)

Mustache Milk: Charlie's Chalk Dust Mustache Milk is a delicous cereal taste of apple cinnamon and cold milk. (70VG 30PG)

Slam Berry: Charlie's Chalk Dust Slam Berry tastes like fresh red strawberries ripened on the vine, mixed with sweet homemade ice-cream. A truly creamy strawberry ejuice shake! (60VG 40PG)

Big Berry Jelly: Charlie's Chalk Dust Big Berry Jelly is a perfectly ripe watermelon flavoured candy, paired with a tart juicy blueberry jelly bean! (70VG 30PG)

Jam Rock: Charlie's Chalk Dust Jam Rock - Always lurking by the checkout counter, just bating you to beg your mum for the sweet and sour apple sweets! Well no more waiting for mum to give in, Jam Rock on my friend, Jam Rock on! (70VG 30PG)